Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Caribbean


Margarita island
 Playa Concorde


Los testigos


Los Roques


Las Aves 



Curacao, an island with a lot of color, Has a variety in restaurants, stores and attractions that provide happiness. Their important city; willemstad, is a very attractive port, many life historical over there.
For us it was a beautiful experience to be there... to admire their culture, their architectural structures, their streets, their people friend, their music, and everything!.
The same as Bonaire, the people speak four languages: Dutch, English, papiamentu and Spanish. Their currency is the (netherlans antilles florins "guilder").
Is very interesting a bridge called "Queen Emely Bridge", that is from the year 1.888, has been restored during one year, and at the moment this under perfect conditions and I list to open up and to close their step.

Dominican Republic

A country where the history prevails, Christopher Columbus, he discovered the island, 5 of December, 1.492, baptizing her with the name of "La Española".
To walk for their streets is like returning to the past, they were very hard the difficult times of the slavery and the revolutions in that time. to see the monuments of the heroes of the homeland, the fortress, museums, pantheons. was a good experience for us.

Estatua of Christopher Columbus

Heroes: Juan Pablo Duarte, Francisco de Rosario Sanchez y Ramon Matia Mella

Luis a Friend with his children on the "Motoconcho" (Motorcycle)

local beer "Presidente"

Art in boca chica

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