Monday, April 12, 2010

Mas de Cartagena

San Felipe Fortress the Barajas

The Fortress San felipe de barajas, It is a military Fortress in the city of Cartagena of built Indies for the Spaniards during the colonial time. It was the biggest in the Spanish strengths built in the American continent. The construction began in the year of 1536, with the name of Castle of San Lázaro, enlarged in 1657.

Big Fortress

The Fortress

Estatue of Don Blas de Lezo, Spanish marine and Defender from Cartagena of Indias

Night live in Cartagena

A lovely Pelican

Plaza de la Aduana

A Monument in Honor to the constitution of 1886

Panorama of the high buildings of Boca Grande

Plaza de la Marina

The Park Centenario,In this place live family of monkeys, squirrels, birds,Iguanas

Beautiful squirrel


Buñuelos (wheat flour with cheese)

A great day in the beach of Boca Grande with Colombian live music

Arepa of Cheese

En donde Fidel a Bar very visited (for dance Salsa yeahhhh)

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