Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Going dockwise

Hi friends,
If you have a lot of money, but no time to sail your vessel, maybe this is the solution for you, Dockwise, a big boat will bring your vessel all over the world, so you can fly and be on your own boat anywhere in the world. Here in Golfito the dockwise boat came in to pick up some boats, and their next stop is Tahiti and then Brisbane, Australia. I made some pictures and like to share them with you.

The dockwise boat is on anchor and let the stern go down.

Stern view of the dockwise boat, the fishing boat just went in.

Still a lot of space, but there is more to come.

A big power boat is making ready to sail in.

Its a tight entrance for the big boat.

But she makes it.

Completly inside the big dockwise

After divers have made some supports under the yachts, dockwise lifts again, by pumping the water out of the tanks.

The crew worked for a full day more, to get all the yachts firmly supported, so they will not move at high seas.

Sunset in Golfito.

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