Saturday, December 11, 2010

Costa Rica pura vida

Karaka and Helena peacefull in golfito.

An Unexpected visit on Helena hehehe.

The low water.

The ticos waiting for the bus to go to school (the people here use the word tico for boy and tica for girl).

Our neighbors only for one day.

The attack of the killer bee's!!
Well here is our story: Just when we want to go on shore for enjoy a walk in the beautiful Golfito and maybe to buy some ice cream hmmm...And then a big cloud of bee’s appeared close to Helena, in moments they settled them selves on the radar, it started to rain and they would not go!! So eddy went to the local fire department for help.

A hero of the fireman.

the caras blancas monkey they are so friendly.

A lovely tree.

Party of the Golfito school.

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