Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A day at the farm

Here in Golfito, Costa Rica we met a family, Dennis and Rebecca with their children, we also met the parents and they invited us to their farm, bit more then a one hour drive from golfito. So Dennis and Rebecca took us one sunday to their parents farm, an unforgetable experience. Years ago the farmer had cows, but he changed to palm tree's, less work and more profit, enjoy this day with us.

On our way to the farm we saw this alligator, and some others, there are plenty here.

Looks like he/she is smiling and thinks, "come, I take you for lunch".

Some iguana resting and warming in the sun.

congo monkey.

Congo monkey, or aullador in spanish, they make a lot of noise.

The monkey making their typical sound, with the mouth round.

The outside open air kitchen.

Sopa, soup, big chunks of veggie, with pieces of greasy pork, muy bueno y rico, this with a plate of rice and you have a good meal, delicious, the water comes in my mouth when I remember this.

Rebecca's oldest son cutting a water coconut for us.

Coconut water is good for you.

A palm plantage, 30 years ago there were only bananas tree's, but the market changed, so now the farmers changed to palm tree for the oil.

Plenty of seeds one a tree.

These seeds are almost ready to be harvested, every few weeks you can harvest from a tree.

When the seeds have this coulor, they are ready to be harvested, and send to the mill to get the palm oil pressed out.

Daniel son of Rebecca lives all the time on the farm, with his grandparents, he is used to the farm live and the wild animals.

Glenda tought Daniel to make pictures with the camara, this one is made by Daniel.

These friendly people want to give us some plantaan and lemon, so we go to the plantaan plantage, and Dennis cuts the tree twice, and then he pulls it down, with the leave, the bunch plantaan comes smootly to the ground.

Me cutting the plantaan.

This snake came from under some old leaves.

This snake eats only mouse and rats, and is not poisenous, but a bite will hurt you anyway.

Picking lemons, we hade enough to make our own lemon-ade for weeks.

Me and Glenda picking lemons.

Just one lemon, but there were plenty on the tree.

Your photographer now in front of the camera.

Young palm tree's, but they give already seeds, few weeks before they were almost completly covered with water, due to heavy rainfall, lot of damage for the farmer. The farm was 2 weeks cut of from the village by the water.

Kind of Iguana resting in the sun.

Ganso, Goose, she was in a sad mood, because she lost her 2 friends, one to a alligator and one to a snake, a week befor one of the three horses on the farm was bitten by a snake and died.

Daniel joking with his smaller brother Fabian.

Rebecca on her bike.

Your reporter driving rebecca's bike, she has two bikes.

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