Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snorkeling in the Galapagos

Galapagos nature reserve, world wide know for the animals who live here, if you ever come here a snorkel tour is a "must do", not cheap, but worth the money. We went with a little company "tranquilodivers" close to the landing pier here in puerto Barquerizo, San Cristobal, we were happy we went with them, they give just that little more service. A day I will never forget in my live. Our underwater camera give it up a few weeks ago, but Karsten and Anders let me use their photo's and video's to make this report, thank you friends. Enjoy this day with us.

these fishes are very common and you see them everywhere.

a big ray, has a short tail, resting, partly under a rock.

Surgeon fish, they are much bigger here in the pacific, then in the Carribbean.

I have never seen this fish somewhere els, blue reflecting eyes, and a yellow mouth.

a small ray on the bottom.

This big fish looks good to eat.

A seal playing around us.

The seal is curious about our guide.

Marine turtle swimming by.

Marine Iguana under water.

Iguana eating under water, look at the video, on the bottom of this report.

photo made very close.

He is getting a bit nervous and swims away.

Iguana's warming in the sun.

Going to our next place to snorkel, Anders (with sunglases) in the middle.

The beauty and the beast.

The gap between the rocks is our next snorkel spot.

seaguls sitting on their spot on the rock, called "Leon dormido" sleeping lion.

Blue footed booby on the rock.

Snorkeling in the gap between the rocks.

This is the place to be, sharks everywere.

they move so beautifull in the water.

and also more turtles.

spotted eagle ray.

here a group of spotted eagle ray's.

look at the spots how beautifull.

Cold but happy, we go to the beach to eat,

Seals resting in the sun.

This one found a very relaxing spot.

Captain Cristobal, born on the island San Cristobal.

Karsten from s/y Forty two, and the helper of Cristobal.

On our way back, surfers waiting for the good wave.

Four blue footed booby's.

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

Sunset in San Cristobal.

Video of eating iguana.


  1. hey Eddy als ik die foto zie van u met dien aalsgolver dan snap ik da beest die was gewoon op zoek naar een kaal eiland of een drijvende schildpad. Ondertussen worden we steeds jaloerser hier goe bezig manneke goe bezig!!!!

  2. Hello to both of you. Never seen a iguana have lunch:-) Great hearing form you both. I am in Bocas del Toro at the moment.

  3. Super photos Eddy. Looks like you are enjoying life. well done x Mary (SY COVER GIRL)