Friday, June 10, 2011

Archipel Gambier

Hi friends,
Gambier is a group of islands, Mangareva is the main island, and Rikitea is the main village.
This is our first stop in Polynesie, and we are amazed that the people here are so friendly and helpfull.
Doing the paperwork here is a 5 min job, and the gendarmerie is very friendly and the cost is only a post stamp, to send your paper to Tahiti.
Mangareva is the biggest island and there are lots of tree's with fruit, we always ask first, if we may pick up some fruit that is laying on the ground, most of the time the local people will give you some more.
The local people are doing good here, there is work and money going around with the pearl industrie.
Everything (except the fruit) is very expencief, because all has to come from Tahiti, beer and alcohol has also high taxes, we have a lot of food on board, and buy only some fresh meat, onions, and some vegetables, if they are avaiable.
Every 3 weeks comes the boat with provision and then the racks in the shops are full again.
We enjoyed our time here with the people, wish we could stay longer, but we may stay only 3 months in Polynesie and it is a big area.

The bay and town of Riketea.

Anchored at the bay between the island and the reefs, there is only a small channel to get here.

Early morning picking up the baguette, still hot from the oven.

Lot of jellyfish in the water, I am not going to swim.

repairing the sail, its only the sun cover that came loose at several places.

The material is strong, and it is not a easy task.

Lot of flowers on the island.

I have never eaten so sweet grapefruit as here, and there is plenty everywhere.





spicy chilli.



I always carry a bag with me, you never know, here we have plenty mango in the bag.

Some day there was a wedding.

The happy couple.

The drive the newley weds around, in the only street.

The cake.


Some friends we meet in the street.

the weather station in Mangareva.

The easter celebration in the catholic church start with a big fire.

Because the cathedral is under renovation they celebrate in the local sport hall.

Big pearl farm on the water.

small pearl farm.

Same small pearl farm after the storm.

Glenda practising here hairdrasser skills on Carstan.

The school were students learn to make handcraft from shells.

Statue in the school.

Some girls learning the art.

With hands, dremel and a lot of patience a piece of art gets made.

Making the design on the shell.

Showing how the shell gets polished.

This one is yet not completly polished.

Some items from the cathedral that are getting restored.

The cathedral under renovation, There is a whole story behind the priests who build 10 churches in Mangareva, here is a site were you can read the whole story, very interesting.

Lot of work to be done.

some children in the street.

Making new friends.


Very green beautifull island.

Glenda inside window from old monestary.

Other island.

The village with bay.

Local yellow bee's, they came often in the boat, just curiuos, never give problems.


The tomb from the last king of Mangareva.

Glenda speaking about our traveling in the inglish class.

The students happy.

The local shop, with bakery.

The baker and his helper.

Somebody has a chicken farm were we can buy eggs, much cheaper then the shop.

Eddy and tai.

more flowers.

Old house.

Not a local girl.

same girl acting strange.

The santa boot brings all the goodies to Mangareva.

My friend Pay and his sister visiting on the boat.

some more friends visiting.


  1. Hi there!! Long time no write,, I know...sorry about that!! WOW you've gone far from Margarita!! You look fantastic!!! If you meet up with the boat TOMBOY, with Janis & Tom aboard, they are friends of mine from back in the 90's. They just arrived in Tahiti and may be staying at the Taina Marina or they may be anchored nearby. Their beige boat has green sail covers & trim. They are very nice people!!!

    Nothing is new at this end, except Bruce came back for a few days on his way to PLC for his haulout. It was nice to see him! he forwarded your latest email to me.

    loveya both!!! sandi

  2. Hi I just heard that Tomboy is headed for Bora Bora, Are you going there too? from there to the northern Cook Islands and to Samoa. It would be cool if you met!