Thursday, June 9, 2011

The pearl farm in Gambier

The pearl industrie is the most imported industrie in Polynesie, Gambier is the place were the most beautifull pearls are made, it takes years to make a pearl, first you need a full grown shell, that takes 2 years, after implanting it takes another 18 months to 2 years before you can harvest. in between the shells have to be taken every 3 months out of the water to be cleaned, in total a long proces, but when you see the result, amazing.
The people in Gambier are doing well with the pearl industrie, beautifull houses, big 4X4 cars, the result of long and hard work.

The nets with shells are taken out of the lagoon in early morning, the nets are hanging on a line in the water about 3-4 meters deep.

The nets are dirty with growth from the sea.

After cleaning, the oyster is opened, and a wig is placed.

The shells are ready for the "operation"

The specialist, the shell doctor in action.

From some oyster she has taken "something"

The rest of the oyster is useles, the white part, the muscle is a delicatesse to eat.

From the thing she has taken, she prepares small parts which will be inserted togheter with the pellet.

From the string she cuts tiny pieces, she sees something in this pieces, I don't.

The doctor places a new shell in a holder, and insert a piece from an other oyster and a pellet, she does this through the small opening.

On my request she cuts open a oyster, because we don't know how it is inside, and whats happening.

Here you can see, whats in the shell.

Some kind of the pellets that gets inserted.

Here you see, were the pellet and the piece, gets placed in the oyster.

The beard of the oyster is cut away in the proces.

Here the shells are getting tied to the net.

The brother of Pay the pearl farmer drils a small hole in the pearl, and ties them to the net.

The net, ready to put back in the water.

The nets have to be taken out of the water every three months to be cleaned, they do this on this pontoon, with high pressure cleaner.

Pay is proud to show some of his harvested pearls.

Beautifull black pearls, the work of many years.

Only 10-20 percent is good for the market, most go to Japan and HongKong.

Glenda made this rasta neckless for pay with his pearl.

Some bijouterie you can buy in Gambier.

More beautifull stuff made with pearls, if you like to calculate, 80f is one usd.

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