Tuesday, June 7, 2011

sailing to Gambier

Hi friends,

From Galapagos, were we left on 11 march, with a lot of commotion because the tsunami from japan was on his way, we sailed almost 32 days to Gambier, we had 8 days with less then 60 miles a day, thats very light to no wind, we alway's had the current with us, which gave us like 15 to 20 miles a day in the good direccion, we had 2 times for 2 days very strong winds, up to 38 knots, and then you are also happy when the bad weather is over.
The autopilot did his job good, we gave him little rest in this journey, the main steering broke one day, and it toke me a few hours of creative work to fix this problem, also one stay of the mast was half broken when we arrived in Gambier, I fixed it temporary with a piece of chain, which I cut from our anchor chain. My old second hand genaker, blew me to pieces on night, but luckely I still have the good genaker that came with the boat, so in general no major problems.

Glenda is making bread, it is a task to make bread on a jumping and bumping boat, but we are happy when we can eat home made bread.

Whe are trying to improve the quality of the bread, we make it in a pressure cooker, this one does not look good, but it is tasty bread.

Every morning we have fly fish on the boat, sometimes I can smell them before I find them.

A nice good sailing day.

The captain checking his course, and counting the miles.

My best catch ever, a more then 20 kilo tuna, we had tuna steaks for weeks.

a proud fisherman.

Glenda waiting for the sunset.

sunset in the pacific, one a nice and quiet evening.

beautifull coulors in the sky.

The light wind sail.

a calm sea and sailing with the light wind sail.

In 3 seconds from 5 knots to 25 knots of wind, and I could not get the hose down from the sail, so I untied the tack rope, so the sail is flying loose.

The wind pushes the boat into the wind, and the sail almost hits the windgenerator, the black cloud above is responsible for the sudden strong wind.

Pulling the sail out of the water.

my beard after 32 days of no shaving.

Atlast, in the morning with beautifull weather we arrive in Gambier.

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