Sunday, September 18, 2011


Suwarrow is a pearl in the pacific, most time of the year the island is uninhabited, out of hurricane season there is a flow of sail boats visiting the island, the two rangers on post on the island, give you a warm welcome, altough your stay is limited to two weeks, visiting the island is a unforgettable experience.

On our way to Suwarrow we catched one big tuna.

The dinghy dock at Suwarrow.

Suwarrow national park.

The house were the rangers live, is also the gathering place for sailors.

The rangers James and John.

Flags from whole over the world.

Some yachties chillin out.

One day james invited us to see the birds, on another island, we have to walk over the reef to get there, the water is still high.

Beautifull coral on the reef.

James is leading, on the reef.

Sea live.

The birds getting nervious when we arrive on theyre breeding ground.


Each nest has only one egg.

Very young bird.

Almost ready to leave nest.

Some what older bird.

Old with young birds.

Going back over the reef, now the water is lower.

A rest after the trip.

Anchorage view.

James learning Glenda how to take the coconut out of the shell, on a metal pin.

Grating coconut.

Grating with a special tool.

When the coconut starts growing into a tree, and it has three leaves, then there is some yellow sweet soft substance formed in the coconut, this we use to make the bakes.

Live is not bad at Suwarrow.

Close to the anchorage is a manta cleaning station. The underwater photo's are made by Dave from s/v Soggy Paws.

The manta's come there and get cleaned bij small fish.

The manta's stay around the same place.

This one is swimming with his mouth open, the cleaning fish go inside to clean.

They come real close, sometimes only to one meter.

So did we.

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