Saturday, November 19, 2011

Looking for Wilson in Fiji.

The great difference in culture when we arrived from American Samoa, here we are coming closer to the orient, the Indian culture, people dressed in Indian clothes, Indian kitchen, also the local people are different from the Polynesians, most local people have the curly African hair, and are looking more related to the African then the Polynesians, what they al have in common is that they are very friendly, local or indian, we like this place, the food is good and inexpensive, plenty shops, I was happy that I could buy some parts to repair my engine and gearbox in the local shops, I could replace some damaged and broken stays from the rigging, the boat is in good shape again. We cruised here only to the Mamanuca group, because we are limeted in time because the hurricane season is coming, and we have to sail north to avoid the hurricanes. Enjoy fiji with us.

Our anchor place in Lautoka, with a view on the sugar mill, and a heap of shredded pine trees, which is also an export product from Fiji.

Lautoka container harbor, with some fishing boats moored, on this pier are also the customs and emigration offices.

On our way to Nadi, bus with no windows, and a lot of dust from the road works.

Inside the bus.

Alongside the road the sugar cane plants, this crop is very imported for the island, for the sugar and molasses factory in Lautoka. Over the rails small trains can pull the sugar cane wagons.

The hardwood industrie is also very important in Fiji, Fiji has some of the finest hard wood forests in the pacific.

Very green island, with lots of flowers.

Local police man, a female police have a straight skirt, man have the tips.

Joel, likes Fiji.

The local drink is Kava, its the grated root of a plant, they mix it with water and drink it, it quickly makes your tong and lips numb, when you drink enough you feel happy.

Modern cars everywhere in the country.

Fiji is a country with many different religions, here an Indian temple.

Lonesome anchored at Amanuca island.

First foto's of the underwater life with our new camera, we have to learn how to use it.

Trying to get us a fish meal , with succes this time.

Another island from the Mamanuca groep, here the polite visitor has to do the kava ceremony, but on this island it was reduced to a quick ceremony without the drinking, just give your present to the chief, pay your landing fees and go.

Here sitting on the mat with the village chief, kava ceremony without kava.

Suddenly strong winds came up from a bad direction, we wanted to leave, but our anchor was stuck, probably behind some coral, so we had a rolly night, next day we got it up.

Entrance gate of the school.

School sports field with the rugby poles, this sport is very popular in Fiji, and the commonwealth countries.

When we arrived in the school, the students were busy with their daily tasks, cleaning up the surroundings.

Some students busy with cleaning up the school.

A boy is eager to show the pigs from the family, almost every family has some pigs, they are raised up some distance away from the village, probably because of the smell.

The pigs happy in their shed, not aware of their destiny.

Fiji Kitchen, its here the pig will end up.

Local shop with some basic goods, we could buy some eggs and onions.

One day we had a rat on the boat, it is still a mystery how we got it on board, after two days of hunting I finally got him (or her). We had some damage done by this rat.

Monriki Island, this is now a famous island

Here we are on the famous island where they made the movie "cast away" with Tom Hanks, his words are still there.

Trying to make fire like Tom Hanks, it did not work.

This coconut starts to grow a tree, when it has three leaves, and you open the coconut, then you find this sweet yellow substance, it is delicious to eat.

From another coconut we could drink, for a few hours we survived here on this island.

Helena anchored at Castaway island, look how close two other islands are.

The island with the mountain, it is now visited every day by some 60-70 tourists.

Most of the tourists are coming with this old schooner, the "seaspray" from the mainland.

Nice beach on castaway island, the nearest island is only 500 meter further, the next village about 2 miles.

Sunset in Lautoka.

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  1. Hoi Eddy hebben jullie Wilson niet gezien ergens daar? De bal van Tom Hanks bedoel Ik. kei schoon foto's trouwens. Ik volg jullie avontuur en Ik ben benieuwd wie en wat jullie nog tegenkomt in de toekomst. groetjes