Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Diving in Majuro, Marshall islands

In Majuro you can see a lot of things under water, from the normal fish and reefs, there is also the remains of cars and equipment from world war 2, one place called here the "parking lot" lots of vehicles from ww2, which were dropped overboard from some war schips, there are some airoplanes, and sunken boats, we made some pictures with our cheap under water camera, we have no underwater lights, so the colors are a bit gone. but we did our best.

Colourfull spadefish around a sunken ferry.

I was amazed that the tyres were stil in good shape after almost 70 years in the water.

Truck with wheels upside down.

Tank truck.

The after deck of the ferry.

Coral with fish

A ray laying on top a tyre from a truck.

The radiators are still good, because the are made from copper.

Sea cucumber?

Joel is OK.

Chopper upside down.

Going inside the chopper.

Strange animal pushes out sand from the ground, looks like a shit.

The tail from the c-47, militairy version of the DC-3

Still enough air pressure

Joel inside the after deck of the sunken ferry.

lots of different kinds of coral.

The c-47

The tail section is broken off.

Car dumped in the sea, we could not find out what brand it was.

propellor from sunken schip.

On the side of the ferry.

Bridge from ferry.

cockpit aeroplane.

Securing our mooring with a piece of steanless steel wire

No beer left in can.


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