Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The main street in Majuro atol.


Some people live in these containers.


Robert Reimers enterprises, here is our dinghy dock.

Reimers hotel with the Ace hardware below.

Ace hardware.

A squal coming over Majuro.

Tuna fishing is big bisniz in Majuro, here the tuna boats load there load over to merchant ships.

Majuro has one bridge, donated by Japan.

The bridge.

Majuro was under Japan from 1914 to 1945, the Japanese influence is stil visible all over the atol.

Local children.

Anemwanot, paradise just one hour sail from Majuro.

No noise, no cars, clear water, beaches and peace.

The jetty at Anemwanot.

With low water the coral atol is almost complete visible.

With low water walking over the reef.

With low water you can walk to the other islands.

Shell in coral.

The sea beating against the coral from the atol.

Visiter on board.

Children learning how to sail the local boats.

Graduates from the local wood working school, a project sponsered and done by foreign volunteers.

A fund raise evening, organised by the philipinian community in Majuro, here the Kiribas dancers.

The US coastguard visits Majuro.

Dinghy dock at RRE.

Our view for almost three months.

In the yellow house, on top of the containers we had a nice dinner with Liz one evening, she is general manager of the EZ price supermarket.

This small boat was the winner in the monthly billfish tournement, small boat big fish.

This big fish won the game (poor fish) 342 pounds, the fish was donated to the hospital.

Celebrating my 57 birthday in Majuro, I am the man on and in the T-shirt.

Glenda with some sailor friends, Kathy and Karen (all moviestars of the marshall islands).

Every week the sailors gather for dinner, and share the local gossip, here we are at the Tide Table, at RRE hotel, this place I liked the best.

Our friend Jenel and Joel want to show there T-shirts.

Carnaval on Helena, Bit early I think.

After more then four years working in Majuro as an optometrist, Jenel is going home to the Philipines.

Our aquarium with the yuppies a present from Jenel.

Glenda with some local friends.

Your local reporter, Eddy Huybs with his friend from Anemwanot, and some crewmembers.

Sunset over Majuro.

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