Friday, March 23, 2012

Tarawa, Kiribati

Tarawa is the capital atol of the Kiribati, also called before the Gilbert Islands. On our way back to Fiji we made a stop here, and were suprised by the warm welcome we received from the authorities and the local people, altough in the past sailors ended up in jail for not following the rules to visit the outer islands, we were very reservated, but now we have a very positive experience with the people here. Tarawa was also the scenery for ww2 battle between Japan and the US, still today you can see the remains of this war.

The dock with the boat from the Marine Police Unit, in the back Helena on anchor, we were the only sailboat at Betio harbor, Tarawa.

This is the recycling compound, near the dock.

The inner harbor in Betio.

Gas station.

The Kiribati flag.

One Japanese cannon overlooking the ocean.

A second cannon, with broken muzzle.

You can see the impact from the bullets on the cannon.

Just above Glenda you can see the impact of a cannon bullet, probably a ricochet.

More impacts from bullets.

Two remaining cannons on this beach.

Some kind of steel, defending tower for soldiers.

concrete shelters, heavely damaged by the navy bombing.

Here you can see how small the atol is were the cannons are posted, on both sides you see the ocean.

Truck with school children.

There is a causeway between Betio and Bairiki, the Nippon causeway, the cars and motorcycles have to pay a toll fare to use the causeway.

Lunch in the local restaurant, good food and inexpensive.

Busses bring you all over the atol, one way almost one hour and a half hour busride.

Children playing after school.


Children with their school costume.

Store, plenty rice and wheat to buy.

On this car wreck was not one screw left.

This cannon is situated on the south/west side of Betio island, there are only three cannons left on the island.

Its amazing to see how the concrete shelters got blown apart by the navy bombing.

This girl is refressing herself with a piece of ice from the store, this time of the year the sun is going straight over Tarawa, and it is hot.

This is the biggest pig I have seen on the island, ready to be eaten soon.

This one still has some time to go.

Small shop, there are plenty like these.

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