Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Funafuti, Tuvalu

Funafuti is a nice place to visit, few tourist come here, friendly island people who live happy on they're atoll, like a local told me, nobody is rich, nobody is poor, we all live good. most People have a motorcycle and and they drive it very carefully, why in a hurry on an atoll were there is no time. On this atoll you can see what good leadership leads to, people are happy and content, I spoke with some who lived in New-Zealand, but came back here because op the peace and no stress life. If there is one place I have to choose between, Majuro, Tarawa or Funafuti, it will be the Funafuti, so much difference with the other atolls

Some locals in they're canoe.

 After a rainfall, children playing in a pool on the street.

 The street alongside the airstrip, everybody on the bicycle.
 People drive very carefully and slow, no helmets needed

 The airport, two times a week comes an aeroplane from Fiji.

 Late afternoon when the sun is coming down, the runway becomes the playground of the people, who come there to sport or just hang out.
 There are not many runway's were you can go and sit in the middle.

 A Taiwanese organisation helps to learn people how to grow crop, because the coral does not hold water, some other way's have to be used to grow crop.

 Young plants in pots, ready to be planted in the soil.

 Some pigs

 Taking juice straight from the tree.

 After some rain we have water enough to have a laundry day.

Sunset in Funafuti.

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