Saturday, October 27, 2012

From Fiji to Belgium

The entrance to the marina Vuda point in Fiji, were we will leave Helena for more then six months. we came with low water and have only 10 to 20 cm of water under the keel.


Arrival at the Seoul airport after our first trip of 10,5 hours, at the left the big airbus, with two levels of passengers seats

Strange letters in Korea, lucky there are some translations on the signs.

Our hotel.

Inside our hotel.

The cooks from the kitchen of our hotel, the Hyatt, very delicious food, great accommodations.

Korean flowers close to our hotel.

Local girls going to work in the morning.

The area around the airport is occupied with big hotels.

street signs in Korea.

Airplane leaving from the airport, and according the sign it goes the right way.

Some modern buildings surrounding the airport terminal.


The bus bring us to the hotel and back the next day.

Some children underway.

Traditional wedding scene at the airport (attraction for the tourists).

Traditional show for the tourists in the airport.

Moving on to our last destination shiphol (Netherlands), this is only one hour drive with a car from my family in Belgium.

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