Thursday, August 22, 2013


Aneityum island.

 On anchor in Aneityum, Vanuatu.

 Some local men.

 Happy children.


Local kitchen.

 Celebrating Glenda's birthday with a local family.

 Eating the cake and flan Glenda made.

 Everybody happy.

 We happy too.

Glenda and her friend Grace.

 The hospital with Vanuatu flag.

 House on the beach.

 On the river.

 Akisi washing her ropes.

Women dancing on a festivity for the school.

 Men dancing.

 Evelin baking bread, to sell.

The wood oven.

Keith explaining the food, what the people made for us sailors.

Drinking kava, this local drink was very strong.

Sunset at Aneityum.

Tanna island.

The local yacht club.

 House in tree.

Statue made from coconut tree.

 Black vulcan ashes beaches

 Fisher men pulling the net, caught notthing.

 Mari making basket from leaves.

Tom preparong the kava root.

Chewing the kava root fine, and then spit it on the leave for further preparing.

Last stage before drinking the kava, adding water and rinse the kava
Going to visit the vulcan Yasur.

Vanuatu from the top of the vulcan.

 Lot of smoke and dust, sometimes we had to run.

The vulcan was very active when we were there.

Lava explosion.

Sometimes hundreds of meters high lava.

An unforgettable experience.

The guide say's, its to dangerous and we have to leave after 1,5 hours of violent eartly eruptions.

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