Sunday, October 27, 2013

Noumea, New Caledonia

New Caledonia, French protectorate, the question is who do the French protect, themselves or the local people called Kanak. about 30 years ago there was a bloody revolt, killing 19 people, 2 French, 17 Kanak, talking with the local people gives the impression that the are foreigners in their own country, but on the other hand, the people have a good live, supported by French money.

Visiting New Cal was a nice experience, modern well stocked supermarkets, good public transport, still a lot of space to live, national export product is nickel, one of the richest places on earth for nickel is New Caledonia. 

 Arriving in New Caledonie, we were welcomed by these whales, they come here to breed.

 When going to the pass, its still 40 miles to Noumea the capital.

 Our anchoring spot in port Moselle, the anchorages are overcrowded, with moorings made by the local (French) people

 Overview from the town, on the left, Port moselle marina.


 Sign, explaning the building of the cathedral, all the work done by convicts.

 Top view of the cathedral.

 Old fountain at the place de cocotiers.

 Bird at the place de cocotiers.

 The heritage museum in Noumea.

 Model of a canoe with outrigger.
 The public busses

 We used it often.

 The culteral centrum Tjibaou.

 Amazing structures.

 Wood carving.

 House of a local chief.

 Cruising boat in Noumea harbor.

 Singing and dancing for the cruising guests.

 The river at Dumbea.

Some friends we already met in Fiji, now we saw them again in the mall.

 Picture from the maritime museum.


 More wood carvings.

 Glenda's shot of the day.

 Visiting the southern inland with our friends.

 Les Chutes de la Madeleine

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