Sunday, January 26, 2014

Vanuatu 2

Vanuatu is a nice place to visit, beautiful country side with friendly people and there is plenty fruit and vegetable to buy at a very reasonable price. Tourism is the main income for the islands, with about 30.000 tourists coming every months, that's 1000 a day, big cruising boats stop almost daily at some island in the Vanuatu island group, bringing mainly visitors from New Zealand and Australia. Also export from fruit and vegetable is big business in Vanuatu, no wonder that there is such an abundance of food on the market place. 

Scooter ride in Efate, Vanuatu.

Doing Laundry in the river.

Glenda at the river.

 Menu of the day, 90 vatu=1usd, 120vatu=1euro.

Local restaurant.

The market place 

People use charcoal for cooking, these bags belong to Mosso

Ready to eat meal.

Alway's happy faces in Vanuatu.

The burner for the charcoal, people use this instead of cooking gas, because it is much cheaper then gas.


A walk on Espiritu Santo, other island in Vanuatu.


Children playing on the beach.

Woodcarving made on a old tree.

On anchor in Waterfall bay.

 Local houses.

Good catch today.

Doing laundry at the beach.

Our hosts at waterfall bay.

Big waterfall right on the beach.

Sea snake taking a rest on the rocks.

Sunset some where in Vanuatu.

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