Thursday, June 19, 2014

A wonderful time in Pohnpei

Mangrove Bay , Pohnpei, Micronesia.

Pohnpei will always have a special part in our hearts, after being there for almost five months, and made many friends, we are a bit sad that probably we will never return here, but that's the live of a sailors, but never say never......
Our friend Kumer and his wife Antonia are building a marine/resort, part of it will be ready middle 2014, and construction will go on for some time more, there is place for 6-8 boats and this will be extended in the future. We anchored outside the marine with some other boats, as you can see. 

This one went in very smooth after a long walk in the very humid and hot weather.

Man carrying some fresh cut betelnut, lots of people are chewing betelnut.

Local happy fisherman we en counted on one of our walks on the island. 

Simon's fish and veggie shop.

Old Japanese building from before WW2, had also big garden.

We met  our friends Leslie and Philip in Pohnpei again

     The beautiful family of our friend Juan from Venezuela

Lunch and Karaoke day with a beautiful family from Philippines, with our friends Ofel, Leriza, Joseph and Pong


Dinner with our friends Antonia and Kumer 

A nice day with our friends Nick, Ryan, Amy, Dennis, Hanae, Vincent, and Chose.

Tournament Fishing, Mangrove Bay.


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