Thursday, June 19, 2014

Festival in Kapinga village

In Pohnpei is a village called Kapinga, because the inhabitants are coming from the atoll KapingaMarangi, an atoll far south in Micronesia, the villagers are celebrating every year on 15 march, the taro day, 15 march was the day that the were permitted to plant taro again when the Japanese were in charge in WW2, its from that day on, live was better again, because taro is a very imported food for the islanders. They also catch eel from the sea, and killing and cooking the eel and eating later on the day is the big thing.

Pieces of eel, already cooked, now  being cut for sharing with everybody.

The traps for catching the eel.

Everybody gets his/her share of the food.

Children performance, after the eating.

Also adult performing.

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