Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nanmadol Ruins

Together with the yacht Aurora star, with Brent and Sara, we rented a car and made a tour around the island, especially we wanted to visit Nan Madol, this ancient site is compared with the pyramids in Egypt, and the big ancient mystery city's in the world. 

Most of the buildings are build as you see below, no high tech building, just cut out the stones, and place them so they don't fall apart.

Massive building, the whole area is about 18 square kilometer, The walls  are build about two meters apart and filled up with coral stones, there are only a few buildings left after a thousand years. Nobody know who or why they have build this massive city.

Beautiful waterfall just a few miles from Nan madol.

We also visited a pepper farm, where we could buy fresh pepper.

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