Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sokehs Pohnpei

Sokehs mountain, Pohnpei.

Sokehs mountain, was used in WW2 by the Japanese army as a defense by sea or air attacks, today you can see the bunkers and rusted cannons on top of the mountain, its a fairly steep hike up the mountain, but the view is amazing once you are there.

 Sokehs mountain view from the boat. Its actually an island but now connected with a bridge.

View from the mountain to the marina.

The cannons are placed in the center of the mountain, which is rather flat.

 Entrance of one bunker.

Here was the view post, close to the edge of the mountain. there is now a tomb dedicated to the unknown soldier.

From Sokehs we could make this picture from a fish carrier, that sailed on the reef a few day's after we arrived in Pohnpei, it will never move again.

On top of Sokehs are some mast for communication.

Glenda and a beautiful view on the harbor and airstrip. 

Some kids we mmet at the top.


We found plenty of red seeds, maybe we can do something with it.

Helena seen from sokehs.


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