Monday, July 7, 2014

Elato atoll, Micronesia

Elato, small atoll with less then 100 inhabitants, lay's about 20 Nautical miles west from Lamotrek, we were invited to this atoll, by the chief because some outboards engines had a problem, and I was ask to have a look at them, we did not need to pay the landing fee, which is normally between 10 and 20 USD a person.

Arrival at Elato

The men's house in Elato.

Sitting in the men's house with chief John.

Glenda in the school

Teacher Vincent.

Women like to make crowns of flowers, and give then to their husbands or loved ones.

In Elato the men catch plenty turtle, they divide the meat and eggs, nothing gets wasted, even the intestines got eaten, we have eaten them raw, cut in pieces with some soya sauce., as a snack.

the men cutting and dividing the turtle meat. 

                                     It is John's birthday, he receives some extra turtle eggs.

When the slaughter is over the dogs me clean the table.

Glenda bringing popcorn to the school.

Young girl learning how to waif a basket  from a coconut leaf.

Class for the young kids to learn how to waif a basket

Local kitchen, women spend daily much time on cooking.

Barbecue with turtle meat. 

John and his family.

No wind today

Carlos making the handle for a cutting tool.

                                                              Helena on anchor.

Coral for the baby.

Local manner of fishing, they look under water to see the fish bite.

Kids playing cards.

Steve showing the start of his carving, a dolphin.

 This carving is made for the navigators, to calm down the sea when there is a storm.

Glenda enjoying the lady's. in Elato, 

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