Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pohnpei training centre.

Pohnpei training centre. 

During our time in Pohnpei I decided to learn wood carving in the training centre and I feel very happy to have Chester from Kapingamarangi as my teacher,also thanks to, Boy, Redly, Rosalina, Iodina , Hanae and lady's from Kapinga village, I enjoy and learned a lot from you all!!
The people from Kapinga village are very kind and friendly. They are very talented and artistic.

Gracias a Dios!!


Boy working on a turtle

Me carving a leave, to use like a fruit plate.

Redly and his design

I love wood carving!!

I decided to make a mahi mahi 

My mahi mahi  ready.

In the training centre the students learn also to work with shells

The lady's learn waving and  make handicraft

Turtle in progress.

My first carving :-)

My second  carving

 The turtle is the must difficult for me to make but finally I made a turtle!!

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