Saturday, July 5, 2014

Puluwat atoll, Micronesia

Puluwat, Micronesia.

Puluwat is part of the Chuuk state in Micronesia, The FSM Federated States of Micronesia, are Kosrea, Pohnpei, Chuuk and Yap, named after their main islands.
The population in Puluwat is around a 1000, many relatives of the inhabitants are working and living in Chuuk, Guam, Saipan.
Puluwat was also active in the WW2 scene, almost 3000 Japanese soldiers were stationed here. many of them died of illness or hunger. On the island Alet is a 40 meter high lighthouse that still stands today, you can see the bullets from the shooting in the lighthouse. Also remains of cannons can be find. On the reef is a American bomber which was shot down, propellers, engines and armour can be seen in waters only 2-4 meters deep.

Arriving at Puluwat atoll after one week sail from Pohnpei.

The fishing catch of my life, a 38kg yellow fin tuna, caught 25 miles out of Puluwat, we took a part out of the fish for us and gave the rest to the village.

First thing you do when going a shore is paying respect to the chief, a gift is donated, and some landing fee paid. Here with chief Mario, he was just appointed as new chief, because the old chief died unexpectedly, chief Mario comes from Saipan, were he lived with his family.  

Other men in the men's house, the men's house is were the men gather, no "tuba" drinking here, because the former chief banned the tuba after some problems with drunken men.

After the formalities you are part of the island people and you can go were you want and find some new friends, and see how the people live and work. 

Local kitchen

Meal is cooking covered by a leaf.

Coconut fibre being dried to make rope.   

Typical local house.

School class in Puluwat, there is a big difference in investments in education between the states in Micronesia, Chuuk has the poorest education properties, here they sit on the ground, no chairs or tables, not even a decent accommodation for the children.

Little girl cuts with large machete a coconut.

Retired teacher Timothy-Moses comes over to bring us some coconut and banana's. later I repaired his water tank with fibre and epoxy.

Canoe with outrigger, is traditional build and used every day.

Our friend George just received a underground oven cooked dog, although he offered the eat with them I declined, my own tradition is still to strong.

Cindy cutting the breadfruit.

Preparing the bread fruit, today they make a mash potato with the bread fruit.

The future from Puluwat.

Girl making a flower crown.

Hanging around with Sky and his family.

 Catholic church, there is also a protestant church in Puluwat.

Girl flying a kite.

Sky just returning from daily church service.

This class has better accommodation. 

Repairing again the light wind sail. with in the back the protestant church.

Children coming back from school.

Man making carving out of stone.

The men doing some necessary jobs, here cutting a coconut tree who was a danger for a house when falling down.

Repairing or making a new roof is a job for the whole village, every family makes some "tiles" ready for the roof, next day everybody helps to make the roof, we were to late to make a photo, because they started at 7 in de morning after church, and when we arrived at 9, it was finished.

Happy Sky sitting on his canoe.

Local donuts.

Girls enjoying themselves with a guitar.

After two weeks another boat came in, Danish boat "Anaconda".

colourful sunset in Puluwat.  

 Cina preparing a mixture of banana with sugar and flour.

This is getting boiled, rolled in a banana leaf.

The beach at low tide.

Georges son and son in law, cutting a tree on size to build a house.

Helena lonely anchored in the lagoon.

Clear water, and white beaches.

Glenda sitting with the women.

The 40 meter high lighthouse on the island Alet.

Glenda with our guides to the lighthouse. 

Inside on top of the light house, here the rusted away system to let the light turn.

Ocean view from the top of the lighthouse.

One of our guides sitting on a Japanese cannon.

Still plenty cannon's on the island, but the will never shoot again.

Some unwanted visitors for the night. they shit the whole place under.

Windless day in Puluwat, and we many day's like this

The newly repaired sail, bringing us to new places.