Monday, September 29, 2014

A wonderful experience 31 may 2014, Graduation Elementary School in Woleai Atoll, Federated states of Micronesia.

Day's before the graduation the community works hard to arrange and organize the event in Woleai,  I am happy to have helped with the preparations, to cook local food with the lady's in Woleai.
We had a great time...Thanks to all the beautiful people of Woleai.

The School and playground get decorated for the graduation.

The seniors wearing their beautiful costumes. They cover their bodies with flowers, coconut oil and yellow turmeric powder. 

Presentation of diploma, and I made necklaces for the graduates as surprise gift.

Eddy was asked to give a speech. We were one of the honor guests in the graduation. 

Some students, who had good results, were given some extra attention.

Graduates' Speech Avery Tyler, Jr. the son of Tino, the principal of the Elementary School.

Girls in Woleai wear skirts of dried palm leaves, as part of their tradition, only when the girl has her first menstrual period is permitted to use lava lava.

The kids enjoying the day. 

Graduates singing.

The entry and leaving of the graduates is done with a special walk on music, it takes maybe 15-20 minutes to walk the 100 meters because there are a lot of back and side steps.

Woelai children are adorable.

Chief Francisco Mairaal and Chief Manno Buchoitil

Eddy with our friend Tino. (principal)

Time for everyone to congratulate the graduates.

 Sitting dance.

The whole graduation is a party for children and adults, lot of laughing and joking.

Standing dance.

A cute boy. Children and girls like to put red lipstick on there face as a decoration.

 With local friends.

Presents given to us, baskets full of food, and woven handbags.

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