Monday, September 29, 2014

Graduation high school 2014, Woleai, Micronesia.

Graduation from high school students in Woleai Atoll, Micronesia.

The graduation ceremony is the highlight of the year in Woleai Atoll, Government officials, politicians, organizers, friends and family make a special effort, so this day is very special, lots of food is being cooked for every body attending the ceremony, gifts are being exchanged, all the dancers and the graduates are beautiful dressed up. we were very happy that we were invited to be on this ceremony, and experience this special culture.

The graduate is being dressed up, turmeric powder is put on his body. 

The parents or family members are helping with the dressing for the ceremony.

The school and playground is made up with flowers and plants.

The " theme" of the day.

Students entering the ceremony, this is a walk with many side and back passes, done on music, so that the entry takes maybe 15 minutes to cover 50 meters of distance, very beautiful to see.

After the officially talking the graduates are getting their certificates.

A necklace was also given as a gift.

From family and friends the graduates get gifts, sweets, and flower crowns.

A paddle and a fish trap as a gift.

This young girl who just received her certificate, walks very bend down, to show here respect for the men.

Student thanking the teachers.

Very emotional goodbye from the old student leader, and the welcome of the new student leader.

Students standing in row to receive compliments from the people.

Students getting compliments and sweets from family and friends.

Teacher of culture Joanna.

Sitting dance and singing from the local dance group.

Eddy with some local beauties.

The boy's singing and dancing.

The party is over, people are going home... What a wonderful experience!!

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