Monday, July 27, 2015

Batoenderang, island Sangihe, Indonesia

Indonesia rally 2014

We heard through the grapevine that there was a rally organized in coalition with the Indonesian government, For this rally we sailed to Samal island, where the start of the rally was set for 3 september, the advantage is that the mountain of paperwork to visit Indonesia was all done by the organizers of the rally, and we had minimum cost, we only payed for the visa 
Our arrival in our first port in Indonesia was Sangihe, entry was quickly and simple.
Next day the local government had planned a trip with us on their coastguard vessel, to the south of the island, Batoenderang

Tahuna village, capital of Sangihe island, although you see the mosk, the islands majority is Christian.

Local boats bringing exited sailors to the Coastguard boat.

Government officials and press were also attending 

Local boats bring us over the reef to the village.

They ask me and Dave from Soggy Paws to walk with the VIP to the village receivers comity.
The man in the center (blue) is the vice regent of Sangihe,  

The village bamboe band, playing for us, all the instruments are made from bamboe.

Sailors trying to play the instruments.

The women from the village made an delicious buffet, lots of food I have never seen or eaten before.

The local handicraft.

After the meal, the men showed us the way of old day's traditional fishing, with a big net made from natural resources.

With this kind of fisching you need a lot of people in the water, to make the net smaller and smaller.

The catch was very poor.

After this event, they bring us back to Tahuna.

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