Monday, July 13, 2015

Kadayawan Festivals end of august 2014

Kadayawan Festival in Davao city, 

Only a mini bus drive(15min), a ferry ride (15 min), and a jeepney or taxi ride(30Min), and you are in the center of Davao City.
In august there is the Kadayawan festival, A three day feast of dance and singing, all the different Tribes from Mindanao want to give their  best performance  for this festival

There are plenty reporters, and all want to know, what a foreigner thinks about this festival. I gave plenty of interviews.

We booked a hotel for three day's, and the parade on Sunday came right by our hotel "Uno" 

The Durian Fruit, its the symbol of Davao city,, Its a very smelly fruit, you can smell it all over Davao, for me the taste is like onions with garlic together, When you eat durian, you enjoy it for hours.

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