Monday, July 13, 2015

Ocean view marina, Samal island, Philippines August 2014

Ocean view Marina. Samal island, Philippines

Soggy Paws arriving a few hours after us. :-)

Friday is BBQ evening.

Meeting old friends from Fiji, Suzie and Dave.

Old friend Luc Callebout from Belgium

Our friends from sv Carina, arriving one week behind us, they had problems sailing against the wind, and decided to do day sailing once on the coast from the Philippines.

Nice marina, getting full.

View from the hill.

On the hill above the marina you can buy a piece of land and build your house.

The Road to Babak en the rest of the island, just finished until the marina,  

Guards and workers. 

Bathrooms and clubhouse.

Marina clubhouse.

Helena covered in covers to have some shade on the deck.

Work shed, were the workers are building a catamaran for the owner.

First time we really live in a marina. 

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