Friday, July 10, 2015


On my birthday July 21 2014 in Palau with friends on Helena 

Palau is know-ed for its special rocks, the sea has cut in the rock on the waterline,  

We made a tour together with friends from the boat Carina. Leslie and Philip.

Palau was a major fighting place in WW2, Here some Japanese anti airstrike cannons 

Somebody put this statue in front of a cannon. Looks like something religious.

This is the capital building in Palau, build with wood and cardboard, so badly made that nobody want to work in it, this is the way the Palau politicians spend the tax money, useless projects.

At last the constructor of this road did a good job.

The other side of the island on a windy day.

The empty capitol hill view from a distance, enormous wasted money project.

Ending the day with a diner in Thai restaurant.

On our way to the Philippines, just going trough the pass, with  sv Carina and sv Soggy paws behind us.

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