Monday, July 13, 2015

Sailing from Palau to Samal Island 2014

30 july 2014 
On our way to Samal island in the Philippines, always wind on the nose, sailing as hard as possible against the wind, we made 3 tacks about 60Nm, south  to make it to Samal. The total distance was bit more then 600 Nm, about six day's sailing. 

A water hose on the horizon.

On this trip I cached my second big yellow fin tuna, our freezer is not big enough, so I give the fish back to the sea, here I lift the fish with all my force, to take my lure out.

In the Ocean view Marina, we cleaned our boom, it was still full of wood pieces that the birds in Fiji put inside to make nest. 

Big bucket full of wood.

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