Saturday, August 29, 2015

Festival Sangihe Indonesia 2014

Rally Indonesia 2014

We had a wonderful time in Sangihe the people are very friendly and the festival was fantastic.
 thank you so much to all in Sangihe for making our visit special experience. 

As guests of honor we have to sit on the main stage, together with the Indonesian VIP's, on this stage are performing the local dance groups and music bands. The stage is at the boardwalk from the bay, and thousands of people are attending this festival.

      Indonesian Dance

      A nice local  music band


      Happy children with Eddy

        Indonesian love to sing karaoke and we love karaoke too

Dinner at Marina Restaurant last day of festival 

     Government people

     Indonesian rock band

     There were  more than 1,000 people enjoying the festival

     The government of Sangihe  gave each participant a certificate thanks for that!!

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