Sunday, August 30, 2015

Morotai , Indonesia September 2014

A nice experience we had in Morotai Terima Kasih!!

  A warm welcoming ceremony at Morotai September 18 
 thank you very much people of  Morotai and also to the team of the department of tourism for  your  hospitality we had a great time.

    Cakalele dance, traditional dance Moratai.

  Cakalele refers to a kind of ceremonial war dance originating from North and Central Maluku. The dance is performed using a narrow, wooden shield, sometimes also referred as a salawaku, or by a local name, such as Tobelo o dadatoko

Jacky and Luc from Sloop Much and Cristina from Ocelot.

    Sailors having fun

   Luc  and Cristina

    Me singing a nice song from Shakira in Spanish

    Diane and Susi singing


                Cute children

     They took us to see the museum Perang Dunia II of Morotai.

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