Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Festival Sangihe 05 september 2015 Indonesia

Sangihe festival 2015, 

Glenda is happy to be back in Sangihe, and I was too, after a difficult time at sea we arrived as third boat in Sangihe, all the boats, 16 in total, were complaining about the bad weather they had under way, wind on the nose, current and waves against, we used the engine a lot, or we would never arrive.

When we walked the streets of Tahuna, people recognized Glenda and shouted "Venezuela", because she was famous last year, with her singing on the festival.

It is good to see old friends again, and enjoy the festival.

                                                       Terima Kasih!! 

 Every morning during the festival we participants of the Indonesia Rally  received a delicious free breakfast  in the Marina Cafe Restaurant  thank you very much to Grace the owner of the Restaurant and the cooks for their hospitality.

     Indonesian Queen with Leslie and Philip from s/v Carina.

     Vicky and Dale from s/v Freeform with Indonesian Queens and Kings.

       Sheryl and Jim from catamaran  Odyssey 9
                       James from Mind the Gap  with a beautiful Indonesian girl.

                                                              m/v  Furthur crew

        With Vatni a nice friend from the tourist department of Indonesia.

       In the background you can see Helena.

       Marsello a nice  tour guide from Jakarta.

       With Victor.

      Very important people

      With Deavid  a nice tourist  guide from Sangihe.

       With Vice Regent of Sangihe.

     Leslie, Philip, Jeffry a good friend  from last year from the tourist department of Indonesia with Glenda.

      A fantastic band from Jakarta

      Leslie and Glenda were called on stage to say some words to the people of Sangihe.

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