Monday, November 2, 2015

Likupang North/East Sulawesi Indonesia.

Likupang was the first village we visited in Sulawesi, we did not know what to expect, very few boats are making a stop here.

There is a small river, but with low water it gives only a littlebit of water under the keel of our dinghi, so we had to pull the dinghy in, 

Small village but we found local restaurants, and shops. 

Rice, chicken and ice tea.

James making a bracelet from black coral.

Clothing shop with local women, alway's like to be in the picture.

Delivering water to the customers.

Looking how Kizmet makes my ring.

The gemstone boom hit also Likupan, 

James gives the bracelet he made to Glenda.

Kizmet gives a piece of stone to Glenda. This man made a ring for me and did a really good job.

      James gave a ring to Glenda as a present for her... very kind  thanks James and Kizmet

Glenda gave to Kizmet and James a stone and they made rings for them.

In Kizmet and James's shop with some hang-arounds.


  1. Cool blog guys! Looks like you're on the Indo rally. Wish we had met you in Palau. My wife is learning to cruise/sail and would have liked getting the perspective of Glenda. Cheers. Chuck and Ivelisse.

  2. Thank you Chuck and Ivelisse to visit our blog we wish you good luck and let us know if you need any information regards.
    Glenda and Eddy.