Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Manado City North Sulawesi Indonesia 2015

Manado is the capital city of North Sulawesi. We made from Kima Bajo an 1h30 bus ride to visit this city.

Impressing bridge in Manado.

Still some Dutch influence in Indonesia.

Statue of a Coelacanth, long time scientist were convinced that the Coelacanth was extinct, until fishermen found one in their nets in 1974, its a very rare old specimen fish, on the verge of extinction, probably this statue is here because this type of Coelacanth is only found in Indonesia.

Gemstone vendors on the street, I put my ring from Sangihe on, so I can make some impression.

"Di mana rumah makan" is the only sentence you have to learn to survive Indonesia, Were is the local restaurant?

The owners of the Rumah makan want to be in the picture.

Glenda has an religious experience, in the Chinese temple.

Glenda gave only change money, so she get only a few sticks to burn.

The supermarket, always nice cool.

Vendor on the small local market, were we pick up some veggies before going "home".

Sunset in the bay of Kima Bajo.

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