Thursday, December 3, 2015

Telok Buku Sulawesi Indonesia 2015

Telok Buku, is in the middle of the North coast of Sulawesi, we stayed only a few day's to buy some fresh groceries.

This kind of fishing houses you see every where along the coast, sometimes in endless rows, bamboe poles, and in the middle a big net, they let the net down,at night, and put light on, now the light  a-tracks the fish, then the pull the net up.

No other sailboats around.

We hired a "bentor" with driver for a couple of hours, to go to the marked.

A good road with little traffic.

Almost half an hour drive to the weekly market.

Plenty vegetable and species.

Be careful with these, very hot.

Of course we want some eggs.

Underway we ran in to a political demonstration, nothing violent.

Eating in the rumah makan, local restaurant, with our driver.

The whole family is coming out to see the strangers.

And the water went down.

And the sun went down.