Friday, December 21, 2018

Chiclana de la frontera and Málaga city “La costa del sol” Spain

A new life begin for me!!
Hello everyone so long time a go I didn’t write to all of you! I know...
Well so here we go...
I arrived to Chiclana de la frontera, Spain on the beginning of June 2016 
I found a job as a public relations in a restaurant and chill out called “Pura vida Chiclana” I was searching for the happy and amazing culture of Spain.
And I spent only 4 month in Chiclana de la frontera, Cádiz.
Chiclana de la frontera is a beautiful town located in Andalucia south coast of Spain, I enjoyed a lot my stay in Chiclana de la frontera, I meet wonderful people and I got in love with all Chiclana!! People are so kind and friendly! I really had a wonderful time overthere.
Later...I started to travel to
Marbella, Fuengirola and Málaga searching for another job because summer season was over in Chiclana and the jobs are less that in summer season.
Finally I found a job in Malaga city on my first day! Yes I know! So lucky!
I started to work as a waitress and public relations and until now I am still living here in Malaga city. 
Málaga city it’s a magical city!! I am in love with Malaga and their culture.
I wish you a merry Christmas to all and a happy new year 2019!! Who is reading my post of course hehehehe

                                          With Joan and Veerle in Restaurant “Pura vida Chiclana de la frontera
                                           Thanks so much Joan and Veerla for your love!!!



My firts day in Malaga 

                             Larios Street

Con el famoso Tijerita

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