Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hao and Tahanea

On anchor in Hao, here was there army base when the french army did their, atomic tests in Mururoa.

Modern small harbor, never saw any boat here.

Here we are going to an old army pier, its more protected and it is something different.

On the pier in Hao.

Another view, with s/v Forty two, on the pier.

Glenda and her local latina friend Mila, lot of spanish chatting going on.

Having a piece of Helena made pizza, togheter with Cristof, the husband of Mila.

Picture with our friends outside.

Here we are invited for dinner, at christof and Mila's place.

The catholic churc in Hao.

I like the motor bike.

Not much traffic in the street.

Its probably school time no kids on the street.

Glenda searching for shells on the beach.

Me looking for shells.

The national sport in the pacific is rowing.

And the women like to dance.

Mila and Glenda doing there best in dance class.

Some old army buildings.

At some places nature has taken over again.

The French army is cleaning up, and restoring everything.

When the ruines are taken away, they plant palm tree's.

This section has been done, good job.

Looks like road in europe, road build, and tree's planted years ago, by the French army.

The coral beach, the whole atol is only coral.

This old army soldier made his own project to grow vegtables.

The coral ground is poor and hold no water, he made his planting ground from coconut shells.

Some lettuce growing in pvc tubes, to hold the water.

He collects all the coconut shells for his project.

When the army moved away, lots of people left also, the town is full of unhabited and in ruins houses.

No businiss here anymore.

Football field on the coral.

Local school bus.

Schools out.

The children live like kings here.

The street is the playground, for the children.

Fisching on the pier.


Wasching day, washing machine and generator outside, probably it rained the day before, so we catched water.

The boats guard rail is the dry line.

The french baquette, very important for al the french people.

Tiare, the national flower from Polynesie.

Most of the women wear the flower this way.

Some local friends of Glenda.

Some Art made with shells.

What is this, waf waf.

Other local friends of Glenda.

Flee Market organized for our friends Cristel and Guillermo.

The current going out, when we left Hao.

At the unhabited atol Tahanea.

The water is so clear, that I made a photo from my anchor, its 12 meter deep.

Black tip shark comes to say hello.

Looks like a rock, but is some plant covering a fallen tree.

Deserted beach with our dinghy, and helena in the back.

Heremite crab.

The pass seen from the beach.

Looking for shells.

This oyster lives partly in the coral rock.

Swimming back to the boat, with speargun, trying to catch some fish.

Succesfull catch.

After a day of swimming and fishing, a well deserved rest.


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